Seismic Consultancy & Project Management

Vessel drawing

MSeis can manage all aspects of marine seismic acquisition and also provide vessels and personnel for marine EIA's.

At MSeis we offer a comprehensive range of professional, technical services to the fishing and offshore industry. Our services cover most aspects of naval architecture and ship design required by the maritime industry.

  • Design & construction; supervision of shipyards
  • Preparation of project feasibility study of shipyard business operation
  • Re-design, re-engine & re-fitting works of old vessels
  • Marine vessel pre-purchase survey

MSeis can also put together a team to monitor, supervise all aspects of seismic vessel conversion and refit. Mark Higginbottom has over 25 years experience in the offshore survey industry. In various capacities he has worked with all aspects of refitting vessels, liaising with shipyards and survey company managers alike; in order to achieve the shared goal of a successful solution.

In addition MSeis offer QC consultancy services for surveys from shallow water 2D through the entire spectrum of marine acquisition to deep sea 4D. This includes conventional acoustic reflection / refraction techniques through to the latest developments in CSEM technology. Working on surveys throughout the world with all the major survey companies and many of the oil companies offers good experience with most of the challenges that may confront a representative in the field.