About Us

MSeis is a UK based company and manufacturer of the popular Night Hawk III passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) system for cetacean mitigation purposes.

The newly developed WISDOM remote recording buoy is a static system which offers greater flexibility for the ever changing market demands. Numerous setup options allow real time monitoring from remote locations as well as comprehensive data logging opportunities and sound level measurement.

We provide full technical support and skilled operators for the marine, seismic, energy and research industries.

With over 20 years experience in offshore surveying MSeis are keen to promote environmental awareness amongst colleagues and clients alike.

Our other areas of business include consulting, project management, training of PAM operators and technical installations. Please see the menu above for further information about our various services.

Our Personnel

Mark Higginbottom

Managing Director

Mark has been involved in the offshore exploration industry for almost 30 years. His background is as a mechanical and electrical engineer; for many years he worked on seismic survey vessels as a party chief and latterly as a client representative.

In 2004 Mark set up MSeis when he recognised the need and saw the opportunity to bring in technological advances that would aid environmental practices within offshore exploration.

Since that time MSeis has seen steady growth in the sector and has become one of the major suppliers of PAM equipment. Mark also uses his experience within the seismic industry to oversee seismic consultancy projects.

Matthew Brewer

Operations Manager

Matt started at MSeis in 2020 as a Technical Supervisor. He is a qualified electronic and computer engineer and brings with him10 years’ experience working in the sound & light and hire industry’s.

Matt is now the Operations Manager at MSeis and oversees the ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) along with project management, warehouse management and R&D activities. Matt ensures that all the processes are being followed to the T and that there is no deviation from the standard.

Jane Higginbottom

Company Secretary

Jane has a background in the retail industry as a store manager; customer care and quality of product are of paramount importance to her.

Jane also has experience in interior design and brings this knowledge and an artistic eye to MSeis, giving a fresh and creative approach to marketing and sales.

Tom Oliva

Technical Advisor

Tom has been in geophysics, geotechnical and hydrographic electronics for over 30 years. His background is as an electronics engineer and he has been involved with diverse successful product development projects and offshore roles in that time.  

Carl Fisher


Carl has a wealth of practical mechanical knowledge and experience. His valuable skills are used to maintain the MSeis fleet of vessels and road vehicles.

Carl enjoys working with the R&D team, specialising in fabrication and build of mechanical prototypes.

Bradley Blunt


Brad started at Mseis at the end of 2021 with an engineering background he has quickly developed his skills and knowledge to the point where he can now work on the development of PAM that is the heart of MSEIS. He also has a strong desire to work in a team environment, and is a very good communicator. Brad is very enthusiastic