Online PAM Training

MSeis have undertaken a review of their online training syllabus, to give a more in depth understanding and as near to a “hands on” approach as is possible over the internet.

As a result of the global pandemic, more and more PAM operators have had to turn to the online medium as the primary method of training, whereas, in the past it has mostly been used by MSeis for emergency training or as a refresher.

This renewed emphasis has prompted us to look at ways of improving our offering. At the heart of this is our commitment to continue to provide a personal approach to training.  We feel it essential that the course is held by one of our “in house” trained instructors who can give immediate feedback and answer any questions in real time.

We now have a comprehensive course, which introduces PAM to the novice going on to full Night Hawk III hardware and Pamguard software set up as well as tips on back deck installation and deployment. The training is held over two 5 hour sessions and introduces follow up exercises which will ensure the candidates have a good understanding of the course content.

Mark Higginbottom MD of MSeis says “we are pleased to offer this new course which the technical staff have worked very hard on putting together; it will ensure that field operators will have a high level of training even if they cannot attend a residential course. By following up each candidate and assisting them with setup exercises we make sure all candidates can perform to a minimum acceptable level which will hopefully stand them in good stead when they go to work offshore.”

See our course types here.